A ready-made solution for launching your own cryptocurrency exchange in one month. We offer solutions for those who want to create their own cryptocurrency exchange. If you already have an exchange, we can connect you with our liquidity.

  • Best price in the industry
  • Best unique cryptoliquidity in the industry

Launching a cryptocurrency exchange (digital asset exchange) is a complex process. Based on our experiences, building an exchange from scratch requires at least 9 months for development and testing as well as an investment of no less than $500,000 for the development team alone. This amount excludes other departments and tasks associated with the project. We offer the best technology on the market and an integrated approach tailored to individual and specific requests at a reasonable price.

Any typical trading business includes:

  • IT (Software and Infrastructure)
  • Trading liquidity
  • Marketing / Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations Management
  • 24/7 multiple language customer support

AlienCloud Labs takes over the entire IT and liquidity functions, saving you $500,000, together with 9 months of your time leaving you to focus on sales, marketing and customer service.


Secure, stable and scalable cryptoexchange.

AlienCloud is a new trading platform with a powerful matching engine where you can list unlimited tradable assets including cryptocurrency and fiat. The user interface, matching engine and all other parts of our solution are customisable.

  • Unlimited listing
  • Short orders
  • Fully customisable
  • Individual conditions
  • Market / Limit orders
  • Margin Trading
  • No revenue share model - just a software fee
  • WEB Platform


We create own blockchain for our partners.

To date, only a few ICO projects have realized the full potential of their token. We have implemented a fully effective way of using your token on the platform. Simply set the discount percentage on the trade commission when paying with your token and users (traders and investors) will start buying your token, not just to speculate on its growth but also for real use.

One of the most successful examples that highlights the full potential of this function is the B2B token. The logic is straightforward; the more people that use the platform, the more commission payments there will be with a discount (your token). As a consequence, there will be even more purchases of your token which will, in turn, significantly increase the demand for a token. Payment of commissions with a token can be turned on or off in the user settings, although it is quicker to activate the function directly on the platform.


  • Integration by API with any electronic wallets (AdvCash, Neteller, PayPal, Yandex Money, Qiwi and so on)
  • More than 50 blockchains
  • Integration with any tokens based on Ethereum, NEM, NEO
  • Hundreds, and even thousands, of coins and tokens can be enabled
  • Administrative module for company employees
  • Automatic deposits and payments to customers
  • Affiliate system for reward traders for referrals


  • All nodes hosted on our safety servers
  • Detailed report for all transactions
  • ERC20, ERC223, ERC777, as well as any tokens on NEM and NEO
  • Possibility of manual crediting with the replenishment of the bank
  • It is possible to create any electronic wallets
  • Full control of client funds on your side
  • Automatic/manual transfer of customer funds to your cold wallets